TandemWorks (TW) is a non-profit initiative that encourages change in social, cultural and environmental issues with arts interventions in the public realm. Based in Beirut, TW combines cross-disciplinary practices and collaborates with local and international institutions, civic societies and the private and public sector in unconventional and imaginative ways. Our interventions are artist-led and community driven; they are built on civic engagement as well as interdisciplinary collaborations in the public realm. TW is founded by Alia and Mayssa Fattouh and is independent of political affiliation. 

Who We Work With

TandemWorks engages with professionals from diverse fields and works with artists, lawyers, urban planners, architects, scientists, designers, human rights activists, researchers and academics, among others.  

How We Work

TandemWorks engages social and artistic practices in order to empower individuals, raise the collective consciousness and promote civic responsibility. We commission artists to create interdisciplinary collaborations in socially engaged ways that are community driven and built on civic engagement and social inclusion. The scope of these projects ranges from symposia, workshops, publications, educational interventions, performances and participatory installations. TW presents ephemeral as well as permanent projects in unpredictable, wide-reaching platforms aimed at the general public and art audiences alike. Through this new advocacy strategy, TW aims to raise awareness, promote lasting change and spark critical dialogue by engaging local communities and reaching global audiences. 


To create an environment conducive to positive change and to foster the creation and wellbeing of an audience committed to carrying out this change.